Canadian Facebook Demographic Breakdown

Cross posted from the com.motion blog. I wasn’t going to post this here, but the edits (see below) made a simple post, much more compelling:

I just performed the following top line analysis of the Canadian Facebook user base for a client and thought you’d find it interesting.

Age Band All Male Female
13 – 17 1,604,040 (4.82%) 752,500 (2.26%) 822,900 (2.47%)
18 – 24 3,881,880 (11.65%) 1,826,560 (5.48%) 1,938,560 (5.82%)
25 – 34 3,887,000 (11.67%) 1,721,260 (5.17%) 1,939,160 (5.82%)
35 – 44 2,413,700 (7.25%) 1,017,700 (3.06%) 1,240,940 (3.73%)
45 – 54 1,483,400 (4.45%) 540,480 (1.62%) 844,560 (2.54%)
55+ 1,044,320 (3.14%) 391,420 (1.18%) 552,200 (1.66%)
Total 14,087,280 (42.29%) 6,131,280 (18.41%) 7,255,080 (21.78%)

The more curious among you will likely see that totaling the “male” and “female” cells in each age band will not equal the “all” cell nor that totaling the “all” column will equal the total number of Canadians on Facebook – this is simply because not all users declare themselves as either male or female or declare their age. Even online, one has to have some level of privacy.

EDIT – based on feedback from Rita Ferrari we’ve added in the percentage of the population which each cell represents, based on a total Canadian population of 33,311,389 per the World Bank, World Development Indicators.

EDIT #2 – Todd Lucier has run a second analysis, building on our own, which maps the number of Facebook users in each demographic age band against the total number of Canadians in that age band. The graphs are interesting and reproduced below with kind permission:

image image

Finally, the raw data:


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