In-game Twittering Forces Fumble

The com.motion special teams feature from Touchdowns and Fumbles is below:

The $7,500 fines handed down by the NBA to centres Amare Stoudemire (Phoenix) and Tyson Chandler (Charlotte) are timely reminders for us that while social media may be ubiquitous, participants must be judicious in their use. Workers have long known not to post to social networks when they are taking a sick day or when they are on deadline, and we can now add during NBA games to that list.

Following a "stern" warning from the NBA commissioner that use of social media during games was prohibited, Messrs Stoudemire and Chandler’s activity was in clear violation of league rules. We’re mixing our metaphors in awarding them both Fumbles for a lapse in judgement, and want to use this opportunity to remind our readers that your use of social media is always under scrutiny; even if you don’t believe anyone is watching.


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Special Note: this post cross posted from the com.motion blog. In-game Twittering Forces Fumble.


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