The Divide Between Private and Public

Kate Trgovac asks an interesting question:

But it did get me to thinking about how I do use different social networks for different purposes. How do you use socnets? Would you have gone ahead and connected? Do you think it’s futile to try and keep them separate?

My response to her post helped me crystalize something which I’ve been doing but this post turns it into more of a formal “BMBY policy”

I am fiercely public on my blog, twitter and to an extent LinkedIn but I am also fiercely private and protective of my family’s privacy (by proxy) on Facebook.

If someone wants to connect on Facebook, and has gone to the effort of finding me, I will not even respond on Facebook but instead make the effort to go over to LinkedIn and find them over there. I think that’s a nice balance.

NOTE: my comment edited to actually, you know, make sense.

We both get to connect and add to our networks but we get to do so on a “trial run” rather than just letting each other into our respective lives.

What do you think? Tell Kate.


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