How to create a Twitter list

…and some thoughts on this new feature.

Twitter lists have been rolled out to seemingly all users and Amy Porterfield has kindly made a video showing you how to create your very own.

Mark Evans has some thoughts on Twitter lists and I agree with him. There’s an overwhelming feeling of “meh” about this new feature although it will be nice to be able to keep track of certain people without necessarily following them. However a “find” and “recommend” feature would have been more useful as would the ability to collaborate on lists. Especially for marketers.

If Sean or Bryan or Lynn or myself are working on an account together, it makes sense that we create a list of influencers for that client. But if I create a list, my fellow com.motioners can follow it but we can’t collaborate on it together, unless we use the shared @causeacommotion account.

Some lists you may want to follow:

com.motion Twitterers

Veritasians on Twitter (this is a work in progress)

MDC Partners on Twitter (MDC is Veritas’s majority shareholder)

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