What is Social Media?


Social media is a lot. It is scary and confusing but it is rewarding.

Social media is complex and simple at the same time.

Social media is not a substitute for insight. Social media needs insight to work for your brand or organization, but social media can also generate insight for your brand or organization.

Social media is not always a quick win. Social media is not guaranteed.

Social media is and always should be fun. That’s the social part.

More insights into social media over on The Planning Lab (thanks for the image) and on Dave Jones’s blog.


5 Responses to What is Social Media?

  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Ed Lee and Louise Armstrong, Sandhya P. Sandhya P said: What is social media? http://bit.ly/20ryOb […]

  2. drolsson says:

    Social media is also not the be all and end-all. It needs to be done in conjunction with a complete marketing plan.

  3. The growth of social media has been great for all of us, its revolutionized how political campaigns are run (Obama 08) and how business can look at other alternative avenues to convey the message of their business (not just profit driven). The emergence of Web 2.0 has changed things for all of us, from the way we communicate and how we have access to previously privileged information. Social Media has brought us a long way toward unity. As a community economic development practitioner I’m looking forward what gov 2.0 and the broader adoption of open source technologies will do for us. I think we can take a page from the current US administration with the initiative they shown in re-launching their countries website on an open source platform (Drupal), and making all states and policies available via social media. That should send the message to all of us about collaboration and transparency so we can align the strategic practices of our organizations (Businesses & NGO’s) to support other worthy initiatives.

  4. cephlophine says:

    Social Media is pretty much guaranteed to be the next pivotal step in the evolution of online marketing and advertising. While Twitter is treating Japan as its very own simmering cauldron, the rest of us should expect a shift from adsense-like models to more dynamic, real-time models.

  5. Great blog post. Some blog posts about social media are too short, others too long. I think it’s all about finding a way to relate the material and a way to explain how simple and complex it is, as you said. Great post! Looking forward to reading others. Happy Monday.

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