Last night Sean McDonald flipped the switch on the latest iteration of This represents a major upgrade for us as the new platform (WordPress) allows us way more flexibility to articulate exactly what it is, exactly, we do. You can take a look at our maturing philosophy and process on the Agency Profile page, while our new Services page outlines the major services we offer. I’m looking forward to revising and updating this page the most as we add yet more considerations to our ever expanding tool box.

Take a look at the before:

com.motion before

and after:

com.motion after

For more goodness, please take a look:

One of the two new elements to our brand is a new tag line we are playing with:

com.municate + + com.pel = com.motion

The other is some help in pronouncing our name:

com.motion [kuh-moh-shuhn] is a full-service, integrated social media and word of mouth (WOM) agency.

Finally, I think that our new Post-It note style iconography is going to be equally invaluable in explaining what we do in a subtle, visual fashion. I’m hoping that this can become a trademark styling and look forward to liberally (over) using them in future presentations!

Strategy and Program Development

Social Media Marketing Services

Word of Mouth Marketing Services

Digital Marketing Services

Monitoring and Measurement Services


One Response to Relaunching

  1. David Jones says:

    I love the Agency Profile and Services pages. Nicely done…love the simple graphics. I”m jealous.

    I’m curious about the Clients page. Any chance you’d link to some of the work you’ve done vs. just the logo salad. I’d settle for a brief line or two about the projects.

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