How I Declare a Conflict of Interest on Twitter: #discl

image At the IAB Mixx conference today, it was great to visit with my old boss and long time mentor David Jones (look forward to a great interview with Steve Rubel on Inside PR soon). One of the many things we chatted about was how we should declare a conflict of interest on the Twitter. Right now the convention is to include “client” (or some such derivation) to indicate you are talking about a client (duh).

But there are times when “client” is not enough. Sometimes the thing I am talking about is not a client. It may be a direct competitor to a client. It may be something I have a financial interest in. I may have a personal relationship with the person I am talking about.

So from now on, rather than using “client”, I will be using something which is slightly more flexible and which allows me to declare a wider number of conflicts (should they occur) while also being, I hope, fairly clear on the fact that there is a conflict.

So from now on, if you follow me on Twitter (as @edlee) and you see me use the following hashtag, you will know that I am disclosing a conflict of interest.


(yes, I guess this was an excuse to post a picture of Demi Moore…)

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