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One of the most popular items on this blog is an old post about Internet statistics as related to online advertising. However, I am sure people are looking for more up to date stats than from January 2008 so I present Google’s curated collection of Internet statistics.

You can choose from the following categories and sub-categories:

  • Macro Economic Trends
    • Rest of the World
    • UK
  • Technology
    • Broadband
    • Devices
    • Mobile
    • Speed
  • Consumer Trends
    • Community
    • Entertainment
    • Information
    • eCommerce
  • Media Consumption
    • Changes in Media Usage
    • Demographic Usage
    • Media Consumption Stats
    • Media Multi-tasking
    • Personalised Media Experiences
  • Media Landscape
    • All Media
    • Online

While the site is hosted off of the (another triumph for Britain vs. the rest of the world!) there are global statistics and research. I particularly like the “random statistic” button, which retains Google’s sense of playfulness in a sea of data.

For instance, did you know that:

YouTube Ad Impressions multiply the impact of TV- lifting recall and attribution up to 15% higher than TV alone. Motorola (with Mindshare) and GM, partnered with YouTube, December 2008

Clearly Google owns YouTube and Mindshare is a media buying agency (who we work with on integrated accounts here at Veritas/com.motion) so there is a…small conflict of interests but it is pretty interesting none-the-less. I also found this factoid fascinating:

People aged 12-24 (in the UK presumably) are notching up 23 cumulative hours a day, engaged in up to five activities simultaneously. NMA, April 2009

I would love to see Google link to the primary research so us users could do a bit of a deeper dive and analysis of the data before accepting the conclusions on face value but it is still interesting stuff to use, especially when planning a campaign or convincing a client that online and/or social media represents the best bang for their buck. Check it out and bookmark it yourself.

Hat tip for this little tool goes to Steve Rubel.

PS my curiousity always loves seeing the popular tags on delicious used to bookmark pages. Tags used for the Google Internet Statistics library are (so far): statistics google data trends research demographics planning future


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