How many fads make a movement?

Many of the things we see in the social media space can be categorised as a fad with many social technologies fading away into obscurity. But the sheer volume of these fads can be combined and aggregated to shape a movement – while many fads disappear or lose their allure, some crossover into the mainstream.

So how many fads does it take to make a movement?

Take a look at this great video (feedreaders/email subscribers, please click through to check it out) from Socialnomics (great, great stats) via TechfluffTV.

While there are some very compelling stats, marketers and communicators should remember that social media is still two things:

  1. An immature medium where things are just starting to be shaken out
  2. Just another channel to use to engage your stakeholders. Integrated marketing is still the best type of marketing.

2 Responses to How many fads make a movement?

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