Seven Words The Internet Should Live By

At com.motion, we are developing a philosophy and framework that, we believe, the Internet and indeed all communications campaigns should evolve to encompass.

The seven words which best describe this are below, thanks to Internet pioneer and venture capitalist, Fred Wilson.

  • Global
  • Open
  • Social
  • Intelligent
  • Playful
  • Mobile
  • Instant

Why these words? Why do we believe these are important, vital tenets of the new wave of communications?

Global – because the Internet is borderless but also because campaigns must break through the clutter and speak to everyone on a personal basis.

Open – because clients which are transparent will reap the benefits of consumer trust.

Social – because the new campaign must be good enough to get people talking about it. But social because we are seeing a new era of communications where people can, and do, talk about the brands/organizations they use. More importantly, these organizations and brands can now talk back!

Intelligent – because we must not talk down to consumers any more.

Playful – because we want to have fun!

Mobile – because consumers are no longer confined to the cinema, to the TV or to their computers. Mobiles and smart phones are the fourth screen and increasingly the method of choice for users to access the Internet.

Instant – because who wants to wait? The Internet has made us impatient consumers of information and those clients who make their customers wait will be penalised for it.

What do you think? Are there any words you’d add – and why?


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