Quick Tip: Smart Art

For those who haven’t upgraded to PowerPoint 2007, I strongly advise doing so immediately.

Here at com.motion we have been busy writing new business proposals and one thing that has been invaluable is to create fancy looking diagrams, charts and images on the fly.

Need a flow chart? Smart Art.

Need a life cycle? Smart Art.

Need a matrix? Smart Art.

What’s better is that all of these can created in seconds. Formatting is consistent, sizing is always equal (I am having cold sweats thinking about how I poured over Visio documents trying to get all the boxes in my wireframes just the right size!) and even though the shapes available are out of the box, you can customize the look and feel to your hearts content. There is also a huge choice so you can avoid being too generic.

Here’s a flow chart I whipped up in literally 2 min flat.

The Lifecycle of a T-shirt:

Lifecycle of a T-shirt by you.

I also have the Old Media Model and the com.motion approach to building communities which you can find on my Smart Art Flickr set.

So, the next time you’re putting together a proposal, don’t put undue pressure on your creative team to create diagrams at short notice, use Smart Art for basic, great looking diagrams.


One Response to Quick Tip: Smart Art

  1. Louise says:

    great suggestion. we seen to spend an inordinate amount of time trying to create diagram thingies from scratch.

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