Nike Chalkbot: Awesome!

We often say that integrating the digital and offline worlds creates a powerful force. One of the best brands doing this right is Nike (more about Nike’s (UK)marketing focus, via David Brain) and one of the coolest representations of that is the Chalkbot, created by deep local for Lance Armstrong’s Live Strong charity.

We’ve all seen the chalk road writing at the Tour de France – I grew up watching Greg LeMond and Laurent Fignon battle it out with the iconic Phil Liggett commentating. But now Nike is making it more interactive (via John Dodds).


You can get your 40 character message displayed on one of the most grueling races in the world simply by texting or Twittering:

A really great example of a brand transcending its normal boundaries, supporting a charity and doing something that people will want to talk about.


One Response to Nike Chalkbot: Awesome!

  1. Parker says:

    So I guess that next we’ll be seeing the Clamatobot, letting you to have a message spelled out in the salt on the rim of a Caesar glass?

    Also – the Chalkbot reminds me of the Bikes Against Bush project from a while ago. A guy built a Wi-fi enabled bike that could spray paint messages on the ground as he rode around:

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