SEO Myths

Michael O’Connor Clarke is starting a series on the five myths of search engine optimization (SEO) that promises to be an excellent and thought provoking body of work. Like Michael, I am no expert in SEO (or, indeed, SEM) but I like to think I know enough to make me dangerous.

Today’s myth is the “meta tag” and how it is totally superfluous to modern day SEO. I agree, to an extent. The meta tag is no longer of relevance but…

1. Just the act of thinking about what meta tags to use gives you a structure to base your content around. Knowing what words to use optimize is one (of three) of the pillars of SEO. Having this foundation to start from gets you off on the right foot. Incidentally, I see Michael’s next post is on “key word stuffing” so I’m not sure if he will agree with me…


2. While the meta TAG doesn’t play any huge role in the SEO-ification of a page/site, the meta DESCRIPTION does. You know that excerpt that search engines return with their results? That is typically the meta description. So while the meta description may not matter from an SEO perspective, it has a huge role to play in the user experience when viewing the search results and deciding whether or not to actually click through on your link or not.

Looking forward to seeing more of Michael’s PR Flack take on this interesting topic for the industry.


3 Responses to SEO Myths

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  2. Ed Lee says:

    […] 2009-05-27T04:29:22  @michaelocc has a great post starting his series on SEO. i jotted down a few thoughts as well [link to post] […]

  3. Thanks Ed – excellent points. You’re quite right to highlight the importance of the Description meta tag.

    Again, it’s not necessarily going to help improve your search rank, but a well planned page description will certainly improve how the page appears in a search listing. If the descriptive summary is good enough, that can only increase the chances that someone will click through – and that’s the key measure, of course.

    One quick note of clarification: both “Description” and “Keywords” are classes of meta TAG or, more accurately, “meta element”.

    There’s also, as I’m sure you know, tags for “Title” and less obvious tags like “generator” and “zipcode”. They’re all tags – but some tags are way more useful than others.

    Again – I know you already know this stuff. Just clarifying the terminology for the less clueful out there.

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