Learning to sell

In my new position at com.motion, I’m placing much more emphasis on the art of selling. Selling com.motion, selling social media and then selling our programmes to clients. It’s not a natural act for me – I am way more comfortable as a trusted advisor than as a salesperson so I’m learning more about the process and more about the art. Two great pieces of inspiration for me are these videos on the importance of selling.

First up, the classic Alec Baldwin speech from Glengarry Glen Ross.

ABC. Always Be Closing.

AIDA. Attention. Interest. Decision. Action

Second, Ben Affleck being a complete ass in Boiler Room.

Either you sell him or he sells you.

Motion creates emotion.

Warning, both contain some rather NSFW language.


4 Responses to Learning to sell

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  2. Jonatan says:

    These are classic videos for sure. There’s even some pearls of wisdom here. But I think it’s telling that the products in question are time shares and penny stocks. Don’t discount the value of being a trusted advisor. Another of those ‘art of the sale’ mantras is that people by from people they trust. Holds true for brands as well.There may be dozens of companies selling product x. But you buy the one that has created for you a sense of confidence in its offering – trust, reliability, value, understanding of needs etc…You may still need those brass balls, but you don’t have to knock people over the head with them.

  3. Leo Bottary says:

    Love the videos – especially the Alec Baldwin speech. I agree with Jonatan regarding his comment about the value of being a trusted advisor. While salespeople sell, trusted advisors help clients/customers sell themselves. For my money, a much better result. Good luck!

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