Interesting Web Statistics

Courtesy of CTV’s webMania feature:

  • 72 per cent of Canadians were active online in 2008, making Canadians more active than users in the US or UK (comScore)
  • 100 per cent of Canadians have one email account (Microsoft/Harris Decima)
  • The average Canadian manages at least 7 online profiles (Microsoft/Harris Decima)

3 Responses to Interesting Web Statistics

  1. ryananderson says:

    It really surprises me that Decima would come out and say that 100% of Canadians have one email account. My mother doesn’t, nor does the old man who lives next door to them.

    I’m sure it’s very high – I’d accept 99.9%, but rounding to 100% implies that every single Canadian has an email address, and that’s just not true.

    Are we talking about Canadians, or ONLINE Canadians?

  2. Sean Bailey says:

    When I saw the news and heard that 100% stat, I thought it was a little skewed as well. I went and checked the Decima site and of course beside the stat there’s an asterisk. It says the study was of 1,019 Canadians with access to the Internet and to do the study, email addresses from the panel were pulled.

    So of course 100% of the study had an email address, but I think reporting that 100% of online Canadians had an email address was pushing it.

  3. Blork says:

    Does that mean 100% of Canadians have ONLY one email account, or AT LEAST one email account?

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