Understanding Women: Dr. Mom

About a week ago, my colleague Kathy Murphy and I (standing in for my predecessor Keith McArthur) presented at the Understanding Women conference on the topic of “Dr. Mom”. We wanted to look at the many different roles that the modern day mother has to play (often simultaneously) and to focus on her role as the Chief Medical Officer for her family.

As CMO, she has many information sources when it comes to making those health and nutrition choices for herself and her family. To determine which ones were the most influential, and so help organizations shape their marketing plans, we did some very informal polling in order to identify some trends. Thanks to our friends, family and networks for getting involved! (especially my Twitter followers who were mercilessly spammed with the link to the online survey)

We also interviewed a diverse cross-section of moms for a video (you can see the slide it was on but not the video – contact me if you would like a copy) which supported our other research.

Our point wasn’t to create a rock-solid framework for marketing planning but to illustrate the huge number of outside influences and concerns that moms face every day. Finally, we looked at three case studies of mom-focused marketing for discussion. I have to admit, I did sneak a client case in there as well – for com.motion client NutriSystem Canada.

Based on the feedback we got, the presentation was pretty well received but don’t take my word for it, see for yourself below.


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