Inspiration: Carl Joseph

Inspiration can come from many different sources. A poem. A piece of artwork. A colleague.

Sometimes you are just inspired by stories of others and how they overcame an adversity greater than the one you are facing.

Carl Joseph is definitely an inspiration. Born without a left leg, he didn’t let his disability stop him from gaining 13 letters in American Football, basketball and track and field at Florida’s Madison High.

I can’t even imagine playing American football with two legs but Carl excelled with one. In the video above, you can see him hopping on his right leg to make the crunching tackles we are used to seeing hardened professionals miss every weekend. He could dunk a basketball and cleared 5’10” in the high jump. The video says that some people called him “the greatest athlete they ever saw” and it’s hard to argue against it.

“I’ve always said that I never thought of myself as handicapped. It was never talked about in my household, so I always considered myself an average kid. I always felt I could do with one leg what kids did with two legs.”

As a fitting, although definitely not final, chapter to this incredible person’s life, Carl “Sugarfoot” Joseph is now being elected to the Florida High School Athletic Hall of Fame.

Truly someone we can gain inspiration from when struggling with our everyday lives – at work and at home.


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