Celebrating the successes

The com.motion team has been absolutely killing it in the last few weeks, in spite of my arrival!

  • We found out we nailed it last quarter with perhaps the best month in our nascent practice group’s history.
  • More importantly, the team continues to hit it out the park when it comes to delivering value for our clients.
  • We got a fantastic (fantastic) piece of feedback from a client on a huge deliverable.
  • Another client gave  a thought provoking presentation to the agency team on the organisation’s marketing code.
  • In return a Veritasian (not a com.motioner!) showed them Twitter and Tweetdeck. It is truly great to have such passionate colleagues who are really trying all this cool social media stuff.
  • We continue to be fortunate enough to be seeing plenty of new business opportunities (including a sweet new client win this week). I am eternally grateful to our Veritas colleagues for thinking of exciting and high profile projects to include us in. Social media is exceptionally well integrated to the way of life at Veritas and I have my predecessor Keith McArthur to thank for that.
  • Somehow I have even been able to crank out a couple of blog posts and make it (intermittently) to the mesh conference for some amazing keynote speakers!

I understand that today could see the house of cards collapse down around me but, right now, life is good and I think it’s important to celebrate the successes.

Thanks to all those causing a com.motion within Veritas!


One Response to Celebrating the successes

  1. Arieh Singer says:

    Cheers Ed. Keep it up!

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