GE Augmented Reality: AWESOME!

I’m working with some great guys over at Tribal DDB here in Toronto and they were kind enough to share the coolest video I have seen for a long time.

My first thought was “wow – that guy looks just like me with a better haircut and a suckier accent!” Then I actually watched it was blown away. Blown. A. Way.

It’s a very cool piece of technology from GE called Augmented Reality that allows you to generate a digital hologram that comes to life in your hands as you watch yourself on a Web cam. Right now it needs something to be printed out (slightly ironic for something promoting wind/solar energy) but I’m sure it will soon be available on your mobile device – just email yourself an image and hold up your BlackBerry/iPhone etc to the Web cam and, as we say in London, Bob’s your uncle.

Really, really, really cool!

Marketing potential? Maybe – it’s definitely “remarkable”; definitely a “social object” so if it’s done right, it can be a real conversation starter. And marketing, as we all know, is a conversation!

Shortened URL for Twittering:

Update: Former colleague Matt Dickman has a bunch more examples and marketing potential.

My thoughts right now are “yes it is very cool but I’m struggling to see how you’d be able to knock the ROI ball out of the marketing park with this technology”

4 Responses to GE Augmented Reality: AWESOME!

  1. awordlessordinary says:

    It has the same feel from the Iron Man movie. Tony Stark was using a 3-D hologram that he interacted with using his hands to manipulate the image and do on the spot edits. While their are strikingly different paraellels the same kind of wow factor exists. It’s nice to see from these clever folks that cool imitates life which imitates art.

    Keep up the good job!


  2. communicable says:

    Thank you for sharing this – amazing!

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