Online Monitoring as the Gateway to Social Media

Great quote from Shar Van Boskirk on the Forrester Interactive Marketing Professionals blog:

First, leveraging interactive tools can actually make marketing innovation *less* risky. Berkowitz mentioned – and I agree – that doing things like monitoring [online] for what is being said about your brand or campaigns is actually an extremely *safe* thing to do. Although [microblogging] sounds all newfangled for a traditional brand, it provides a way to listen to how your audience is talking about your brand. Heeding this input can help marketers actually be better/more secure in crafting customer-centric marketing programs.

Blog. Microblogging. YouTube. Pownce. Jaiku. Delicious. Podcast. Argh Es Es. And as technology evolves, the names will get stupider. Yammer. Knol. You  get the idea.

They all sound scary to marketers and communications professionals who aren’t as connected to the social media space as we are. “Online monitoring” sounds safe, easy, friendly. There’s no commitment to engage. Just to sit back and review reports of what real people are saying about your organization or brand.

Oh, wait – what was that about not being scary?

Dave Jones’s M.A.I.L. (Monitor, Assess, Interact, Lead) acronym and the iStudio maxim of Look, Listen, Learn, Lead never sounded more relevant.

Listening for the conversations is an easy gateway into social media and the online space: the next step is acting on that information.


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