Questions for your social media consultant

Dave Fleet has a post on the sort of questions you should ask a purported social media expert. As you can see from the comments, I didn’t really see eye-to-eye on everything he wrote. So in the spirit of constructive collaboration, here are four questions I’d like to ask a social media consultant – if I were a client.

How have you integrated social media with traditional online communications? In my mind, this is the most important thing to remember. Social media is just another channel, albeit an increasingly important one. I read so much about social media in isolation is the answer for everything. It is not, can not and never will be the answer – merely part of it.

How can I use some social media magic to freshen up my existing communications effort? Again, it’s all about integration and, as a consultant, going for the quick win. Plus it’s all about walking before you can run. Overreaching can be the catalyst for a major SNAFU.

What online assets do you think we can use for our social media efforts? So many organizations already have a lot of awesomely cool content/assets that could easily be re-purposed or promoted – they just need to be told about them.

Should we spend our social media dollars on external or internal communications? Internal stakeholders are just as important and just as hard to engage as external stakeholders. In a recession, spending money internally can be far more effective and efficient than externally.


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