Communications is like…

renovating your home.

Sure, you can do it yourself, and if your home is small enough and you’re talented enough, you’ll do a great job.

But if it’s too big, too complicated; if you’re too busy to commit to the project 100 per cent, you’ll end up paying double to get the professionals to fix the mistakes you made.

And if you do decide to go for outside help, you have to watch out for the cowboys, the fly-by-nights, the dodgy contractors who don’t care about you, your family or your home – or in this case, your business.

Say no to DIY; take the time and spend the money to get the job done right by a professional who you trust.

CAVEAT – just did a rather disturbing Google Images search for “DIY Nightmare” and, well, let’s just say this also applies to body piercing’s . Ouch.

This post was inspired by the always excellent ClickZ blog, this time a posting on improving your search efficiency.


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