Engaging donors with social media and digital communications

Last Thursday I had the pleasure of speaking to a fantastic group of folks at the CommA conference – an association of communication professional working at community foundations across North America.

It was an eye-opening day where I got to learn about the fantastic work the community foundations movement does, the challenges they face and the camaraderie they’ve built.

As far as communications goes, many of the forty-some foundations at CommA are experimenting with blogging, with podcasting and even Twitter – to great effect. Not only are they engaging with their audiences across a number of mediums, they are using social media to engage with traditional media and generating coverage in the mainstream media.

We always talk about social media as both being fueled by AND fueling the mainstream media so to hear how these communicators have managed to use that to their advantage was pretty cool.

On my part, I was there to talk about digital communications and ways to pull together all of their various tactical initiatives into one overarching and cohesive strategy.

For the CommA folks, or for anyone (else) who is interested, you can download my presentation here or view below thanks to SlideShare.

CAVEAT: The thinking within the presentation is copyright to iStudio (2008).


3 Responses to Engaging donors with social media and digital communications

  1. Allan says:

    Interesting post. I’ve followed social media for enterprises and consumers but haven’t really thought about non-profits and foundations.

  2. Thanks for this post, Ed. Thanks also for access to your presentation. I certainly enjoyed it in person, but could only scribble so many notes. Now that we’ve experimented with many of these tools at our community foundation, I am really looking forward to following some of your points and delving more into a new media strong strategy. It’s been great for us to see that members of our audience actually like these tools are are willing to follow us. Thanks again!
    Grand Rapids Community Foundation

  3. max bottaro says:

    this is a great post… my current assignment at my internship right now is actually utilizing social media. It really has proven to be a powerful and often ignored marketing tool. You can reach a ton of people, fast, and its free!

    I think a lot of the older companies are starting to get wise to this social media trend; those who don’t may end up getting left behind. It’s too early I think to tell is social media will be a sustainable marketing tool, or if its era will be short lived. For now, I think its merits have been proven.

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