Digital marketing is like…

Running an airport.

If you’re a good airport, you get a steady stream of people through your doors, all wanting something generic and non-descript – a “flight”.

But each of your customers need to get the “right” flight to be “satisfied”.

How do you get them to the right flight? Well, some people have a ticket which, well, helps. For others, you need to ask them sequential, branching questions in order to segment the nice Japanese couple going to St Petersburg from the crazy Cleveland Cavaliers fan who takes his shoes off and shouts at the TV in the waiting room at the gate for the delayed flight to Toronto.

Those two people are in different segments (and, it feels, different planets).

The point is that people can show up at the same place expecting different things, but always deserve a great experience.

The same person can show up in the same place but look for a different (but still great) experience each time.

The clue is, well, they give you the clues through their behaviour – it’s up to marketers to decipher it.

Incidentally, I should add that the Cleveland fan really did sit next to me. He really was crazy. He really did have his shoes off. He really did shout at a shared TV in the gate’s waiting room. And it was only the third quarter. Oh, and my plane has was delayed by three hours.


2 Responses to Digital marketing is like…

  1. Arieh Singer says:

    I always thought air travel was like going in for surgery at a hospital. You know exactly what you needed, and were going in for, but you are completely out of control. Once you ‘check in’ to the hospital, you undress, and sit yourself on the gurney – you are now in the hands of the hospital. You are helpless, and unable to do anything to change the course of actions; See you on the other side! The airline industry is the same….You check in, and are helpless to delays, crazy people, and overall mayhem that is air-travel. Your only hope is to come out the other end, on time, and without lost baggage…..

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