Fascinating Google Ad

Sorry to geek out on you but…

Here’s a screen shot of an ad that showed up in Fred Wilson‘s Feedburner feed:


Just a normal, run-of-the-mill ad, right?

No. The cool thing about this ad is that every pixel is linked to a different URL –


Note the last eight characters: a?80,101


Note the last nine characters: a?247,221

The URL you’re directed to changes based on the vector placement of your click.

Cool. Geeky, but cool.

Talk about awesome targeting. Using this basic box ad, you can segment your click-throughs based on where in the ad they have clicked. Meaning if you’re advertising a new product with multiple audiences, you can use one creative to offer up multiple experiences.

The monetisation of RSS continues apace!

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2 Responses to Fascinating Google Ad

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  2. Parker says:

    Whoa – that is wicked cool.
    My only problem with this is the worry that the future of the internet is being built on the ability of online ad sales to support businesses. While it is great that there are innovative new forms of online advertising, how much longer will people keep clicking on them?

    (don’t know how I didn’t see this in your RSS feed before…but today I’m going back over your posts for one I remember you writing a month or so ago, without really remembering what it is about).

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