The SNL Guide to Good Management

Last night’s Saturday Night Live Election special’s Weekend Update feature on the economy gave an excellent view into good management in the form of a venerable economist giving sage advice to Wall Street.

“There was a light, but now its broken. Someone needs to crawl down to the end of that tunnel and FIX IT”

“I’ve been a financial consultant for 16 years and it’s never been this bad. They need to clamp it down and FIX IT!”

“When I wake up tomorrow, it better be FIXED!”

“Take it one step at a time: Identify the problem, FIX IT! Identify another problem, FIX IT, repeat as necessary until it’s all FIXED”

“IT! It needs to FIXED! NOW!

Fortunately, or unfortunately, good management isn’t as easy as fixing the US economy.


Full video on the Huffington Post blog.


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