The secrets to the logos you love

Everyone loves logos, but here are some clever ways branding and marketing peeps have been sneaking subliminal messages into theirs. Strangely enough, once you notice the little Easter egg, you can’t seen anything but the Easter egg.

Amazon: little arrow showing the online store stocks everything from A to Z.

Toblerone. The creators of this fabulous chocolate bar come from Bern, Switzerland, which is allegedly named after a bear. Look at the mountain on the bar and find the hidden bear.

An old favourite. I love the way the Sun logo says the same thing from all angles. Very cool.

Look past the cute little fishy in the “O”s negative space. Let your eyes go out of focus and you’ll see the whole logo looks like a blue whale’s head swimming from the right to the left. The swoosh is his mouth and the little fish is his eye.

Check out the arrow that’s formed by the “E” and the “x”.

The “e”s on this (competitor to an FH client) beer’s logo are slightly angled so that they look like happy faces.

I like the way the seemingly abstract ribbons that form a football, also form the Star of David.


Check out the negative space between the F and the other thing.

Obviously, no logo post would be complete without a bunch of gratuitous and possibly faked penis/sex images.

Cover the lion’s head.

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4 Responses to The secrets to the logos you love

  1. pbizzle says:

    Great post! The Toblerone one is true, they still have bears in a pit in the old part of Bern:

    Looks a bit cruel tbh! :-/

  2. Arieh Singer says:

    Laughed aloud in the office with this one Ed. Cheers!

  3. Cassie Doubleday says:

    Good call on the ad’s Ed.

    I knew disney was pretty clever, but I never noticed the “finding nemo” title did that… sweet, I now know why my little cousin want’s a stuffed blue whale for his birthday.

    The A-Style ad is pretty good too, though a bit over played.

  4. Tony Brayley says:

    Good stuff Ed, I enjoy things of this nature. Little mind benders that make you think. I’ve got a box of those lion matches, don’t think my kids ever noticed them though, (they’re all teenagers now). With kids picking up stuff so fast I better hide them before my nephew & niece do notice the box. That dirty lion, lol.

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