How come no-one’s blogging at Blogging Me Blogging You?

What Julie said:

And herein lies the big issue with blogging. It’s not just about having the skill to blog (yes, you need to know how to write well) but you need a firm commitment to the practice of blogging. Time is such a precious commodity (more than oil) and for me there are days when I just can’t find that 20 minutes to write. I have a ton of thought-ware, but it’s about dedicating time to write it down.

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6 Responses to How come no-one’s blogging at Blogging Me Blogging You?

  1. YES. And sometimes when you do have 20 minutes, it doesn’t come out sounding right. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve started to comment on something, got frustrated that it wasn’t *quite* what I wanted to say and just ended up shelving the thing.

    I can’t be alone on this….

  2. Brendan says:

    I think we’ve probably been skunk-drunk on our kool-aid but now we’re suffering the hangover.

    I’m suffering similar problems. If I really want to gather my thoughts and put together something that is useful/cool/clever whatever, I know it’s going to take at least an hour. This will probably be half writing, with the rest of it researching, thinking, editing, editing again, looking for a cool image, checking hyperlinks etc.

    Perhaps bloggers need to hire subeditors to do all that stuff for them? Hey, maybe blogging can specialise now – we can have blogeditors telling us what to write about, blogsubeditors correcting our copy, and we, as bloggers, can go out making the contacts, having endless liquid lunches and practising our golf swings!

  3. Kerri Birtch says:

    Hmmm is it wrong if I don’t put that much time into my posts?

    There are certainly some days where I feel like making a big effort and research, look for pics, write and re-write, but there are a lot of days where I just have a thought and I figure I may as well write it now because it’s in my head.

    I have a little sticky on my desktop that has a list of things I’ve thought would make good posts, but I find that list just gets longer and longer if I don’t just go ahead and write something. But that’s me.

    At the same time, I appreciate reading other posts where the blogger clearly put a lot of effort in. So maybe we all just need to find some sort of balance.

  4. Julie R. says:

    Hey… how come you get more comments on a post I write, in your blog …?? Not fair…

  5. Ian says:

    This is a sign of successful blog, it means you have people will miss you when you are not blogging.

    I notice the blog post’s in bursts for the last 3 months, maybe you should spread those by saving & click on publish on a later date on some post.

  6. Parker says:

    It’s summer, and we’re too busy with soccer.
    Blogging is a winter sport.

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