iStudio partners with The Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada for


The new site has launched! Check out the new, full version of


For the past few months, the iStudio team has been hard at work on a project to support an incredible campaign.

The Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada has a vision that the cure for MS will be found, and it will be found in Canada. To this end, the Society is embarking on a Capital Campaign to raise some $60m which will be used to create a nation wide research network focused on ending MS.

Quite the undertaking.

To support this amazing goal, the MS Society has a fully integrated campaign consisting of a full-court press of advertising, PR and, with iStudio’s help, a Web site.

On Friday afternoon, to coincide with the start of the advertising campaign, we launched a temporary Web site which gives some small hints of what is yet to come.

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Even in its temporary state, the site looks great (IMNSHO) and has a couple of things we at iStudio are very proud of, along with the ability to donate and sign-up for an email newsletter.

First off, there is a kick-ass Flash intro that mirrors the advertising creative and Public Service Announcement that you’ll hopefully be seeing a lot of over the next months. It’ll start to play automatically and it’s incredibly moving.

Secondly, we created a Flash simulator to symbolically illustrate how your donations (and we hope you will donate) will affect MS research in Canada – just drag the slider from left to right to see how the research network will be form itself. Get to the simulator by clicking the middle button.

I don’t want to give too much away in this blog post (I hope to have another blog post in the next few weeks when we officially launch the site proper) but I hope it won’t be any surprise when I say there will be a large community and social media component.

In the mean time, please take some time to mozy on over to: (for the francophones amongst you)

I’d like to end with a special shout out to the iStudio team that’s been on this project. From the creative team that developed the look and feel of the site, to the Flash developers who did such a great job, to the technical team who have been working long hours on project, to my colleagues in the consulting team who have given me advice at every turn. You’ve all done great work and I truly appreciate it.

Final thanks to our partners at the MS Society for giving us this awesome opportunity – as you can see, we’re very proud to be working with you on such a noble cause.

DISCLAIMER – I’m the project manager for endMS and the MS Society is a Fleishman-Hillard client.

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