Canadian Internet Usage Statistics I go to the gym for a few hours of sweating, grunting and intense pain (due to my non-workout regime of the last month or so) I wanted to do something I promised you before I went to the U.K. – publish some comScore statistics presented at the In:flencia Interactive Marketing Conference (highlights).

[Disclosure – I received a free pass to this event as “media”]

These stats were presented by Bryan Segal, Vice President, Sales and come with the normal caveats of how this sort of date should be interpreted.

comScore uses a panel of 25,000 Internet users so, while it is quite a large sample, so I’m told, it does mean that the actual numbers can, as KD Paine pointed out, vary by more than the population of Texas.

So rather than focus on the actual numbers, we should be looking at the relative trends.

Canadian Internet Usage Statistics:

Digital media usage grew 6% in 2007

Out of developed countries Canada has the:

  • highest Internet penetration (71%) – vs. U.S. of 61%
  • most page views per resident (4k per user) – vs. 3.4k in the U.K.
  • time online (45 hours per month) – vs. 32 hours in the U.K. and 30 in the U.S.

Social Networking

>84% of Canadians (c18mm) are active on social networks viewing 828 pages and spending 6 hours per month on these sites

While Internet growth was just 4% in 2007, social network usage grew 16% and a whopping 70% of users in the 55+ demographic visited a social network.

Women, apparently, spend more time and view more pages on social networks than men although given the methodology I find this hard to actually believe.


89% of Canadians each watched 114.5 videos totalling 385mins – this is in comparison to just 77% of U.S. residents who watched 72 videos each.

YouTube was the destination of choice for 57% of Canadians who watched 68 videos totalling 180 mins per month.


Blogs “grew” 7% in 2007, against an index of 4% for Internet growth.

16mm, or 64%, of Canadians now visit blogs and even those in the 65+ demographic spend 2 days a year on blogs.


Web based email use is also growing disproportionately to Internet use – 6% pa vs. 4% pa


Canadians are voyeurs – “we” like to consume content passively rather than comment on or create new content ourselves. Interestingly enough, 64% of Canadians visit porn sites every 30 days.

You can download Bryan’s presentation here (direct download, PDF)

Which is nice.

Video Highlights of the conference are below.

The picture, FWIW, is Statto from the cult show Fantasy Football League.

5 Responses to Canadian Internet Usage Statistics

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  2. ide says:

    you look like a Chinese, not “an Englishman living and working in Toronto, Canada”, LOL

  3. Joe Boughner says:


    Not sure how you define ‘an Englishman’ but I’m thinking you may want to consider broadening the ol’ horizons a bit. And while I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting Ed in person yet I can tell you that, by all accounts, he most certainly is an Englishman (his references to ‘footie’ and obscure cricket terms cemented that for me) and if he doesn’t live in Toronto it must be a hell of a commute to BMO Field.

    Ide’s nonsense notwithstanding, these are interesting stats. Particularly when you consider that mobile internet use in Canada is way below levels in the US (largely because of our absurdly high fees for data transfer on cell phones). That means a lot of Canadians are happy to park themselves in front of their computers.

    I wonder if this is at the expense of TV time? Outdoor activity?

    Also, I wonder how much of this has to do with how freakin’ long and cold our winters are? What better way to pass the winter months than by hanging out on MySpace!

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