New Marketing vs. Old Marketing

My Fleishman-Hillard Digital colleague, Matt Dickman, has a great post up over at Techno//Marketer that encapsulates the dichotomy and divide between new marketing and old marketing.

Matt puts it in the form of two equations:

1. Message 1,000,000 to possibly reach 100

2. Personally reach 100 who influence 1,000 who influence 10,000 who influence 1,000,000

There’s the paradox. It’s easier to shotgun your message to 1mm people and just slap that number into your reporting than to research and cultivate relationships with The 100.

Easier to work on getting the messaging to the 1mm once, than work on the personal messages to The 100.

Easier to forget about the 1mm, once the message has been distributed, than to have to constantly work The 100 to get them to spread the message and evangelize you.

3 Responses to New Marketing vs. Old Marketing

  1. laurent says:

    Good way to represent the shift. It’s definitely easier to do 1 than 2 because first you need to find the relevant 100 (or more….) within the millions of bloggers/forums/social network groups. For a customer I worked with, I created a database of 1500 blogs relevant to them in the personal finance segment. It was hard work but it enabled him to target precisely his messaging.

  2. Matt Dickman says:

    Ed — So glad you liked this post, it’s a real challenge for marketers. Sorry I am late to comment. I need to get up there so we can meet in person.

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