Link/Comment Baiting

Something I don’t do a good job of on this blog is letting the reader into the inner workings of the iStudio office. Partly because I’m a pretty shocking blogger right now and partly because I think that’s more for the iStudio blog. Which I’m equally delinquent on.

So perhaps that should stop and for my first trick, some blatant link/comment baiting which adds no real value apart from to direct you, the reader to some super smart people and to thank them for providing great, thought provoking content.

I was recently asked to provide a list of my favourite PR/marketing blogs for an internal elearning course. As I’ve got everything in an easy-to-cut-and-paste format, here they are, in no particular order.

Thanks guys!

Note – * donates a conflict such as past/present colleague/client

Public Relations

Shel Holtz –

Colin McKay –

Mike Manuel –

Origin of Brands (Laura Ries) –

Jeremy Pepper –

PR Squared –

*David Jones –

Stephen Davies –

Strumpette (although this falls in the “guilty pleasures” bucket) –

Peter Himler –

Brendan Cooper –

Paull Young –

Richard Bailey –

Dave Fleet –

Leo Bottary (more client service but he’s a PR guy) –

*iStudio –

*High Road Communications –

*Martin Hofmann –

*David Bradfield –

*Kristen Zemlak –

Chris Clarke would also be in there but a) he barely posts any more and b) his site is nearly always down ūüėČ

I also subscribe to the PR Voices feed for the “hottest” topics in the flak-o-sphere:


Andy Sernovitz –

Sean Moffitt –

Jackie Huba/Ben McDonell, Church of the Customer –

Sean Howard –

Forrester Marketing –

Joseph Jaffe –

David Armano –

John Dodds –

Kate Trgovac –

One Degree –

Seth Godin –

Mitch Joel –

Douglas Walker –

*Matt Dickman –


9 Responses to Link/Comment Baiting

  1. Kate Trgovac says:

    Hey, Ed ..

    Thanks for the pointers to MNIK and One Degree! It’s great to have this kind of list handy; I get asked in a lot of presentations for collections like “what are the top 3 marketing blogs” or “what should I read to get caught up on Web 2.0”. I forget how overwhelming it can be to people just starting out. Heck, my blogroll is out of control – so much content.

    Cheers … Kate

  2. Thanks Ed – you’re always tops in my books (err… Blogs) as well ūüôā

  3. Thanks mate.

    BMBY is at the top of my list also.

  4. Chris Clarke says:

    Aw shucks, thanks for the link, Ed. I couldn’t be more pleas…er, wait. No link huh?

    I guess if I can turn all this downtime into uptime, I’ll earn my link. Cheers man!

  5. Brendan says:

    what Bob said… although I’m going to make a massive stretch and claim that your linking to Davey Jones’ blog is a secret nod of admiration to all of Hill & Knowlton’s more prolific bloggers, but you can’t really say so given the competitive situation… am I right, am I right???

  6. Thanks, man. I just need to start blogging more again. Stupid moves!

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