Explaining Micro-blogging with Saturday Night Live

Blogging is a tough concept for a lot of clients to grasp, but when you layer in micro-blogging (Twitter, Jaiku, etc) on top of it, it’s a whole different ball game.

How can you coherently explain the need for people to communicate through a public (and searchable) interface to each other via 140 characters or less?

And this morning I realised that all you need to know can be found in Saturday Night Live.

Blogging is:

The sketches. As a blogger/sketch writer, you can develop your thoughts, introduce complex concepts and take a “deep dive” into your subject matter. You can give it some more cow-bell.

Micro-blogging is:

Weekend Update. A chance to informally throw out pithy comments, and have a dialogue on, anything that interests you. Found a link or had a quick thought? Want to add your insight to an existing conversation? Micro-blog it!

Micro-blogging means:

Micro-blogging means you don’t need to take that initial thought and spend the time to develop it into a full on blog post – although you could if you wanted to. (this post could’ve easily been a Twitter update.

Micro-blogging means no more boring “link posts” which no one reads anyway. Add some value to your community by Twittering your interesting links.

Micro-blogging means the chance to get immediate feedback from your social graph. No one reads your boring link posts anyway, and just a few more read your emails with links in. So why put any more effort into them? Copy, paste to Twitter and hit update. Quick. Easy.

So, if you want to get links to stuff that I’ve found interesting, to my “Weekday Update”, like this video, please feel free to follow me on Twitter.


4 Responses to Explaining Micro-blogging with Saturday Night Live

  1. Kate Trgovac says:

    Thanks for the link! Great post – interesting way to contextualise what you use Twitter for! More Cowbell!

  2. Ed, terrific analogy and of course I’m always up for More Cowbell. Another way I try and visualize it for folks, although not as fun as yours, is using ESPN SportsCenter. You watch SportsCenter to get some in-depth highlights of last night’s match…you watch the ticker below to get constant and real-time information on a variety of sports and news.

    Always helps to create a powerful and relevant analogy for folks…otherwise you only hear “Twitter…that’s a stupid name”.


  3. Mary-Margaret Jones says:

    I’m all for cowbell.

    Great to meet you at the Meetup!


  4. steve says:

    I am trying to find the SNL show where Garrett Morris introduces either Mr and Mrs Douchebag or the Count and Countess Douchebag (something like that) It must have been during the first 5 yrs of SNL. What year and/or what episode # was it. Thanks.

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