Marketing is…

just like cooking.

You can only go so far improving on what you’ve done before by getting better and better ingredients. Sometimes you just need better recipes.

So I would argue that Google really does have a better product than the competition — not because we have more or better ingredients, but because we have better recipes. And we are continuously improving those recipes precisely because we know the competition is only a click away. We can’t fall back on economies of scale, or switching costs, or network effects, to isolate us from the competition.

Hal Varian, Google’s Chief Economist. Via Valleywag (where else?).

2 Responses to Marketing is…

  1. You know your club is in trouble when the owners want to be the first ones out the door.

    Reckon Liverpool will ever win anything again…like, ever?

  2. felix says:

    I agree with you Ed. At our firm we have taken technology and put it in the hands of our customers to empower them to decide if a web project is financially feasible. We created a tool called NiKalkulator – and it simply allows the customer to anonymously research the cost of their web project without having to expect the follow up calls from a sales person.

    We are letting the customer into the kitchen Ed – and it has been such a hit that we are thinking of extending its features to include things like custom programming and development. We may not win each account/project, but customers now know where to come to get a good idea of costs so that can get those projects funded – so that by the time they call the sale is 3/4 done!

    Felix Figuereo
    Managing Director
    Nicasio Design
    Savannah, Ga.

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