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Doing some research over the last week and have uncovered some interesting stats, that are easily woven into something resembling a narrative:

91% of advertisers haven’t figured out how to integrate social networking into their planning.

OnMedia NYC 2008 Survey (via Parmet)

(Not that surprising considering 100% of social networks haven’t worked out how to effectively integrate advertising into their business models.)


Even so, the online advertising market will double from 2007’s size to reach $50bn by 2011.

Also in 2011: 25% of all media consumption will be online (is that all? Ed) and 15% of all advertising dollars will follow.

Yankee Group.


Exactly where will those dollars go? Well, I can’t remember when I deliberately clicked on a banner/pop-up/pop-over ad but I have clicked on plenty of Google ads and, considering 21% of all Internet users have a search engine as their home page, I’d imagine this is where the dollars will flow.

Source: USC Annenberg School Centre for the Digital Future.


Not really a stat, but I found it interesting that (FH client alert) Yahoo! has integrated results into its search results and added a human layer to their algorithmic search. PRs, SEOs and marketers alike should probably be advising clients to add the “add this” tool bar to key content areas on their sites to boost their search traffic…

NOTE: newer stats on Canadian Internet Usage are also available.


4 Responses to Online advertising statistics: stats stats stats

  1. 91% of advertisers haven’t figured out what to do with social networking? Sounds like opportunity knocking for savvy/smart PR firms or lone practitioners looking to lock in a corner of the market needing some help and expertise! One group that seems to be making good use of the social networking platform are “moms” No kidding – that’s the basis for relationships between many women at this stage of their lives (and even post/pre mom years). The trust and conversation developed through chat on these social networking platforms is really key to the mom bloggers business plan.

  2. businessgolf says:

    I agree. Mom’s are a very powerful demographic that advertisers and marketing companies need to start listening to. If there is one thing you can believe is your Mom.

    Also, my concern is truthfulness in the stats that are being accumulated and shoved down advertisers throats as fact. So what if a 16 year who fills in a profile saying he is 30 goes to a site where tires are sold to comment on a gaming video. Does that mean that viewer is intersted in buying tires? NO!. So what good is accumulating usage or traffic numbers when the people, if they are real people, are not interested in the flashing ads on that site.

    Advertisers are pulling back from putting more money into advertising online until there are more sound ways of judging the value of advertising on a site other than how much traffic they get. There are way too many programs or unscrupulous individuals who, knowing they are going to make millions, will figure away to get their sites listed in the top search engine sites.

    Until there are real live people like Mom’s who can tell validate to advertisers what sites are really ones advertises should use to market their products none of the top ten or fifty traffic lists are going to impress these very smart business people who have a lot of advertising money to spend.

  3. VW says:

    On the contrary, advertisers and marketing companies have been engaging moms for years. Most traditional media – Television -commercial advertising is still targeted at moms (As the obvious head of household and key decision maker with buying power). The idea (According to advertisers) is that moms are still largely consuming television during the day. However, new media is much more fragmented with target audiences being more difficult to isolate.

    Having said, and to Sharon’s point above, savvy/smart MOM Entrepreneurs (Not PR firms) should be exploring ways to create prominent social communities for MOMS – Advertisers will find you once you have built relevant presence.

    Advertisers are not pulling back from online advertising – but, yes, they are looking for new ways to measure results (Strangely, TV, Radio, and Newspaper never required such absolute results in tracking, reporting or measurement).

    I agree also, that it is no longer a matter of traffic/viewers/subscribers (In which traditional media always received a pass). The name of the game for advertisers should be Brand Experience and Brand Interaction.

    As a consumer (And Online Advertising Consultant), I do not want to hear from advertisers imploring me to buy this or that – I generally ignore banners on websites. However, I do want to be engaged by the advertisers with products or services that make my life easier or better. Rather than talk at me, Get to know ME (GTKM).

    Advertising agencies have sold out and have been largely caught up with trying to be cool and/or entertaining with crummy, loud, disruptive advertising; ultimately losing the value of what is important to the consumer in the process. With new media advertisers have the ability to listen to consumers by opening dialog, rather than traditional media methods of trying to force consumers to listen to their rhetoric.

  4. SEO Marketing can only be considered as effective if it generates large number of visitor traffic to the site being promoted.

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