Getting ahead in your career is like

…losing weight.

I got an email this morning from Men’s Health – I have a lot of clients interested in email programmes, so I have to subscribe to lots of newsletters – describing the best way to lose weight. Rather charmingly, it’s called “Belly Off!” and today’s email outlined the following steps that I think are perfect steps for your career:

1. Define your goal. It could be to *ahem* lose 10 pounds* in the next month or it could be to get promoted in your next review.

2. Find a supporter. You need someone to confide in when the chips are down (literally and figuratively in this analogy) and someone to keep you on track with your goals when your motivation wanes. Basically, don’t try and go it alone.

3. Measure your progress. If you don’t measure, how can you really know that you’re improving and nearing your goal. Benchmarking is key in both business and life.

4. Record your progress. Just as writing down your progress in your workouts will motivate you even more, recording your career progress will show you where you need to concentrate your efforts and provide you with something concrete to show your boss when it comes to review time.

* 3 down, seven to go…

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