Eight things you don’t know about Ed Lee

Another one of the dreaded self-centered”tag-and-meme” things is going around the flak-o-sphere and Dave Fleet (who’s blog you definitely should be reading) has tagged me.

Here are eight things you don’t know about me, but what I’m more interested in is finding out eight things about you – the BMBY reader. Please dive in and introduce yourselves in the comments!

1. I was privileged to go to an excellent private school in the UK that gave me a superb, well-rounded education, as well as most of my best friends.

2. I regret not choosing my A-levels by what I would do well at, rather than what I was interested in. As a result I chose Maths, Economics and Politics rather than Politics, Biology and History.

3. When I play team sports (which I love), I get very competitive and SHOUT VERY LOUDLY (which my wife hates). I doubt I’m as competitive as this fellow though…

4. I once “crashed a fag” from Uma Thurman when she was filming The Avengers.

5. There is nothing I like better than lying on my sofa, zoning out and watching sports.

6. Following in my dad’s footsteps, I’m a pretty handy cook. Roast chicken with sweet potatoes, celeriac and fresh thyme is a personal favourite.

7. This list has taken me ages – I get easily distra….

8. My maternal grandfather is my hero. However, I never met my other grandfather but my dad has told me he used to shoot crocodiles in his native Malaysia. With a revolver?!


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