iStudio "Corporate" Holiday Card – 2007 Edition

“Physician heal thyself” is a common refrain when it comes to talking about how marketing agencies market themselves.

As a rule, PR agencies do not do enough work to get themselves ink (although this story featuring my boss’ boss and FH Canada supremo Linda Smith says otherwise for Fleishman-Hillard); you rarely see ads for advertising agencies and direct marketing agencies rarely send you unwanted mail to get you to sign up with them.

…and it’s often the same at iStudio. We’re so busy doing great work for our clients that we don’t have time to turn our analysis and insight on ourselves.

iStudio Holiday 2007

Until, that is, the holidays come around. iStudio has a rich and award-winning history in the holiday card and this year is no different.

This year, after hours of brainstorming, voting by proxy and hanging chads, we went for a regifting theme – the Do Not Want Ads. That’s right – we’ve put up our old unwanted gifts for you to claim as your very own.

In the iStudio tradition, we’ve done it with our usual irreverent style and you can see right from our Flash intro that this ain’t your usual holiday card.

Once you’re into the main site, we have a classified ads theme so you can navigate around the “newspaper” with your mouse and select the products you’re interested in. Each product page has a write up from its “owner” along with some images and the ubiquitous “share on a social network/news/bookmarking site” buttons. The cool thing is that you can submit your reason for wanting each gift and the iStudio-er who submitted the gift will choose who wins that gift and has it shipped to them. Free of charge!

If you don’t want to claim the gifts for your own, you can always inflict the gift on others – virtually that is, through our Facebook app. Torment your friends and family with the miniature Genghis Khan doll or Teen Diva set by sending it to them over the magic of the Facebook.

Being iStudio, we also put in a few Easter-eggs – links to things we’ve liked over the last year and links to past holiday cards. I can guarantee you, you won’t be bored if you check it out.

Travelling Sisterhood of the Divine Ya-ya Pants. Or whatever this movie is called.

I can highly recommend bidding on the “Weopanized Testerone-killer“!


Integrated Internet Communications at Work

The 2007 iteration of our corporate holiday card goes a long way to showing off what we’re all about. From a consulting viewpoint, we’ve created a multi-channel integrated online communications campaign. We had an email campaign (fully compliant with CAN-SPAM regulation) that drew traffic to our campaign micro-site. We had online outreach where we included leading Canadian marketing bloggers on our list. We even have a Facebook app to support the main application and, we have had a blog and twitter push of the campaign.

Creatively, our design team really got to show off their chops with some really fantastic Flash work, wonderful animation and a user interface to die for. When you’re designing for big companies, branding guidelines can get in the way of what you really want to do with a design, so this let’s the gang really express themselves.

Similarly, the tech team did a great job putting it all together, and doing all the boring database work behind the scenes that makes the site do what we wanted it to do. And of course, we all tested the site and provided quality assurance (QA) to make sure it was all spick and span when we launched it yesterday.

So happy holidays, from all of the iStudio crew. We hope you enjoy this as much as we enjoyed putting it together for you!


Adrants was kind enough to cover it.

One Degree was also kind enough to cover it (scroll all the way to the bottom).

More iStudio Holiday Card 2007 coverage here.

Of course, if you want iStudio to create a holiday card for your organization, please just get in touch!

iStudio Do Not Want 2008

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3 Responses to iStudio "Corporate" Holiday Card – 2007 Edition

  1. scottymac says:

    Congrats Ed. Looks like you guys have already outdone last year’s card. Quite an undertaking, and it certainly pays off. I’m still playing around with the website. If only I could get my hands on that framed tiger. I just know it would look perfect on my cubicle wall

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