Do Canadians Trust Blogs? | Halloween Highlights

Spooky news from Apex PR for those thinking about throwing all their resources/hopes behind blogging. A joint survey with Leger Marketing revealed that Canadians’ trust in the veracity of blogs is low – just 10 per cent – while their trust in podcasts is even lower at just seven per cent.

My take on this is much the same as my take on the “lonely bloggers” report I covered a few months ago: there are north of 70 million bloggers out there and I would say less than 10 per cent, way less than 10 per cent of these would be considered “reliable”. Many would post rumour, conjecture and, at some points, pure libel.

The irony of me reporting this on a blog is not lost on this blogger. My hope is that this blog would be one of the few; one of the trusted blogs.

For those trusted few, communications agencies are right to add these, usually influential, sources to their plans for outreach. Just remember, its a new channel, not the only channel so spread your money around wisely.

[Judy Gombita had the scoop over at PR Conversations which is, I hear, doing incredibly well -well worth subscribing to if you haven’t already]

In other news, the iStudio team has been hard at work on many, many projects, one of them being this year’s holiday card. I can see from my stats that there are plenty of you thinking about the same thing, so if you need help with your organization’s card this year, why not get in touch and we’ll see if we can help.

Yesterday, however, we were hard at work trying to win this year’s FH pumpkin carving competition. What do you think of our effort?!

I’ve also been growing my Mo’ out in preparation for Movember. Check it out and then try your own on the Movember website!

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2 Responses to Do Canadians Trust Blogs? | Halloween Highlights

  1. engtech says:

    That’s a great pumpkin. 🙂

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