This Saturday I’m going to do something I haven’t done in just over five years. I’m going to take an exam – the GMAT.

In part because I’m curious to test myself, in part to, hopefully, see what’s down the rabbit hole. If I do well, I’ll consider my options of schools to apply to and look into raising the (not inconsiderable sum of) money needed to fund an MBA program. I hope my iStudio/FH bosses will support me with time or money or both as I embark on a two-three year part time course. Should I do well in the GMAT on Saturday.

Over the last few months I’ve been diligently ignoring the Great Big Yellow book on my coffee table, dipping in and out of it at different times before really cranking the gears over the last week or so. Let me tell you that last week’s new business pitch could not have come at a worse time – but it’ll be worth it if we win what should be an invigorating, innovative project.

While I’ve been studying, I’ve noticed that I will, on occasion, do pretty much anything to get away from studying. I will actually do anything to get away from studying the “data sufficiency” section that I’ve struggled with.

I’ll cook elaborate meals. And then do the washing up.

My clothes have never been this clean. Or ironed.

My computer files are immaculate. My timesheets are always done on time and my email inbox, once at some 1,500 emails, is down to less than 10. The rest not longer clog up the local MS Office server but are, instead, neatly filed and categorised in offline folders.

Right now I’m in Starbucks working on the practice CD that comes with your GMAT appointment and am about to crack the writing assignments.

I’ve decided that my content shouldn’t go to waste on the programme itself but should be archived for posterity, or to humiliate myself a few months down the line.

So this week I’ll be posting two articles a night on “Analysis of an Issue” and “Analysis of an Argument”. The rules are that I have 30 mins from when I start reading the question to when I have to stop writing. This includes planning my response, writing a first draft and then editing it.

I hope you, the reader, will indulge me these very un-PR, un-marketing, un-social media focused posts and, if you are so inclined, let me know where I can improve.

Perhaps radical transparency can help me.

First up, in the next post, a fascinating look at the trials and tribulations of “motorcycle x”.



One Response to BMBY: GMAT week

  1. Parker says:

    Hey Ed,

    Cool idea to post your answers here. It might not have anything to do directly with marketing or PR, but your first two posts have made for some interesting reading.

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