Jones jumps ship; joins H&K

As I found out on Friday, and as reported by Brendan Hodgson, the imitable David Jones is packing up his blog and heading east. To the H&K offices.

It was a big shock and bit of a disappointment as Dave was instrumental in my joining FH in July last year and has been a great mentor, friend and sounding board since I transferred into iStudio.

While working with Dave was one of my primary reasons for signing up to the FH way, bar some new-business pitches and small scale projects, I didn’t get to work with him as much as I would’ve liked.

It’s a shame there’s going to be no more collaboration; just some friendly competition!

I’m curious about one thing – will Dave be abandoning his very funky blog design for the more corporate H&K standard template “Collective Conversations“?

And good luck to the H&K digital team who’ll be reporting into Dave.

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7 Responses to Jones jumps ship; joins H&K

  1. Brendan says:

    Hey Ed, friendly competition indeed! … as for Dave’s funky blog design, are you suggesting that CC is less than “funky”?… 🙂

    Joking aside, we’re all pretty excited about Dave joining the team.

    National Digital Practice Director,
    H&K Canada

  2. Chris Clarke says:

    This is a surprise…I hope you at least got a few draft picks in return.

  3. Ed Lee says:

    Chris – you’d have to chat with the FH Canada bosses, Linda Smith and Michael von Herff on the draft picks thing…

    Brendan – see you in the pitch room. Grrr!

  4. Brendan says:

    At least you and I will hopefully lift a pint to England’s inevitable route of the Springboks next week…

  5. David Jones says:

    Ed, it has been far too brief, and I appreciate the nice things you’ve written. I’m looking forward to the new challenge, though it’s amazing how my involvement in the social media world both online and offline has allowed me to make friends with no fewer than half-a-dozen H&Kers over the last few years.

    PR Works will remain active…after a quick logo change in the sidebar. As for Collective Conversations…I haven’t given any real thought to how that would work. I’ll have to have a chat with Niall Cook and Brendan…

    Am I really that easy to copy…as in “imitable”? I’ll have to work on my originality.

  6. Ed Lee says:

    “imitable” means “worthy of copying” – in your case, it’s something all young prs should be advised to do!

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