Crack Cocaine for Social Media Junkies

Blogging Me Blogging You gets a very cool new logo courtesy of the good guys at Logoworks. If you’re looking for a quality logo at a discount price, head over to this HP owned company. I was very impressed with the service I got and am very happy with the result below.


Chris Clarke leaves Thornley Fallis Communications for National as Coordinator, New Media. Can someone remind why he’s not allowed to blog about his experience? Good luck Chris!

Tod Maffin reimagines the news release. This text based release would be a great complement to some of the excellent SMNRs the iStudio has produced.

How adidas makes a football. The best marketing is to make the best product possible.

And finally, how to break out of a slump (like neglecting one’s blog) in 16 easy steps.

9 Responses to Crack Cocaine for Social Media Junkies

  1. Allan says:

    Actually, I don’t especially like the new logo.
    I think it should be more spread out, or at least tuck it in the corner, not centered like that, or add something more.

    Are blogs and blogging the focus here? Or something else?
    Are you afraid of opinions, and want to keep the world sanitized like Orwell had predicted?

    This is a test for you, Ed.
    Let’s see how you do.
    Let’s see the extent of your honesty and courage.

  2. Ed Lee says:

    the thing I like most about the logo is the concept of two way conversation – the new intersection of how organisations communicate to their stakeholders…and how the stakeholders can talk back.

    so yes, blogs and blogging are the focus but the meaning is much more profound: clearly opinions are sought (and respected) here. in fact, if you take a second look, you can see that the one stand out word is “you”. the readers of this blog are far more important than its author.

    what do “you” other guys and gals think?


  3. Chris Clarke says:

    Ed, I am allowed to blog – I just choose not to at this time. I might reconsider later.

  4. Allan says:

    The test I referred to was to see if you would allow a link to my blog, critical of Tod Maffin, which people could get to by clicking on my name above.
    Most friends of Tod Maffin typically erase any comment of mine once they see that link.
    They seem to think that it’s more than people can handle, but use different excuse to suppress in formation.
    My comment at Teamakers, sums up much of my concerns about people and blogs who aim to be information conduits about public relations and social media.
    In Canada, on the net, many people who are friends of Tod’s link to him and praise him without question.
    Did you know that Tod was once a multi-millionaire?
    Did you know that he once wrote a web page that was read by over ten thousand people?
    Did you know that Tod created a web page that was judged better than the ones by Sony, Microsoft, and AT & T?
    If you knew all these things, then tell me, what happened?
    Why is he running a CBC web page that promotes his own company?
    And giving lectures (via The Lavin Agency) about what’s wrong with the education system and how to fix it, because schools are like rock tumblers that kids a re put in, when Tod Maffin has no children of his own and has never been a teacher or is in any way qualified about education.
    He’s a part-time freelance broadcaster who bills himself as a Futurist, who two years ago declared that email is dead.

    And you’re quoting him as a credible source, and linking to him as if you endorse his views and trust him.
    He’s been caught copying and pasting from the internet in large paragraphs and presenting it as his own work.

    Am I making my point a bit clearer, Ed?

  5. Allan says:

    Save you searching, in case you’re not familiar with the great and genuine integrity of The Tea Makers blog, by giving you THE LINK HERE.

  6. Ed Lee says:

    Allan – in this case, Tod’s done something that can help a lot of people in my industry, some of whom read this blog, so i linked to him. yes i endorsed that idea, but to say that my one link endorses the notion of tod maffin, his whole philosophy or raison d’etre is something of a stretch.

    keep fighting your fight, but do not put words in my mouth.


  7. Allan says:

    Sorry, corrected link HERE

  8. Jack S says:

    Why is the title of this post “Crack Cocaine for Social Media Junkies” when the post is about a new header design for this blog?

    You loose major CRED with these type of cheap tricks 🙂 I’m just sayin….

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