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If the notion of brand is what organizations say about themselves and if the concept of reputation is what their stakeholders say about them, does that make social media the new intersection of brand and reputation?

If this is true, does it suddenly make social media a lot more important than before?


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  1. Judy Gombita says:

    Anyone who has been through a branding exercise will tell you that it isn’t only the organization that determines “the brand,” so I would disagree with your notion that a brand “is what organizations say about themselves.”

    Here is a definition I used when writing an article for a trade publication a couple of years ago (it was about encouraging employees to be brand champions). It is equal parts drawn from discussions with the account manager from our branding agency (then called Spencer, Francey, Peters, now Cundari SFP) and Wikipedia:

    * * *

    A Definition of Brand

    A brand represents the holistic sum of all information about a product, group of products or organization. This symbolic construct typically consists of a name, identifying mark, logo, visual images or symbols or mental concepts, which distinguishes the product or service. It is useful for the marketer to think of this as a set of aligned expectations in the mind of its stakeholders—from its consumers, to its distribution channels, to the people and companies who supply the products and services that make up the brand experience.

    A brand often carries connotations of a product’s “promise,” the product or service’s point of difference among its competitors that makes it special and unique. Marketers attempt, through a brand, to give a product a “personality” or an “image.” Thus, they hope to “brand,” or burn, the image into the consumer’s mind; that is, associate the image with the product’s quality.

    * * *

    Done correctly, I’m sure social media can (and is) playing a role in extending and generally enhancing an organization’s brand to its various stakeholders, via new channels; however, I wouldn’t go so far as to say it’s the most important channel for the vast majority of organizations.

    Maybe it’s the case for some start-ups that eschew print and traditional advertising. And likely social media will play an increasingly larger role for branding down the road. But this branding channel has not yet reached critical mass, by any means. At least not in the worlds I travel in.

  2. Ivana Kalay says:

    …or we can pose the question in another way 🙂 what if your business rivals start using the means of Social Media against you ? It will be much more easier, don’t you think ?

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