Writing good is just like…

Pizza. Of course!

If you want to make one, you have a set structure to follow. They’re easy to do, but hard to do really well and you look pretty stupid if you get it wrong. Both go well with cold beer.  Fresh is better than frozen and…

Both need the write (groan) combination of cheese and spice.

Image from Flickr user Vita Arina; awful puns by Ed Lee.

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2 Responses to Writing good is just like…

  1. Chris Clarke says:

    I like this series of posts with “X is a lot like Y…” -keep it up!
    However, I’d consult Terry before I ever said “Writing good” when I think it’s more appropriate to say “Writing well”

  2. squaretan says:

    I love pizza for sure! Your writings are short but very meaningful. Keep it up brother!

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