The importance of the quick win

A few months back, Steve Rubel was espousing the importance of “scripting” your first few actions when getting into the office. His theory is that scripting allows you to perform the familiar and generate some momentum to your day.

As an aside, when I played rugby at school, my teams often had some form of scripting the first few attacking plays. Generally, we drove up the blind side first phase with some crash-ball, then hit a high box kick into the opposition fullback. The next play was a scissors move in midfield followed by a miss-one to the outside center. After that we were on our own.

But scripting is just a means to an end though and that end is the “quick win”.

The quick win is something easy to achieve. Something to give you and your team momentum.

In rugby it could be a big tackle (that the box kick set’s up very nicely); in football (soccer) it could be an early shot on goal to signal your intent or a piece of skill to take you past your man.

In media relations it could be a phone call to a friendly journalist. In internal communications it could be an easy-to-implement initiative like a refresh of the home page of your intranet.

In starting a new blog, it could be as simple as posting every day for a week.

The quick win is something to show positive, forward moving progress and something for the team to rally around; to build on.

But in a successful project it has to happen. You can’t hope to execute your more expansive plans without the quick win behind you.

What will your quick win be for the week?


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