YouTube Friday – Gerry Dee

One of my first assignments when moving to Canada was to manage a media tour in four cities launching a pretty cool product called Snapple Lighten Up (no Web site).

To get the media’s interest, we decided to do a series of free lunch-time comedy acts and so we picked the comedians (two from each city) and did some media training before peddling them to the local media.

We got some pretty big hits and the campaign for both the comedians and the product was a success.

In Toronto, I had the pleasure of message training our comedian, a former teacher called Gerry Dee. He had a great act and was a real pro when it came to the interviews.

I had pretty much completely forgotten about him until a few weeks ago when I saw him on Last Comic Standing…and now he’s into the top five!

Here are some highlights:

On school projects:


This year’s semi-finals

An eight minute set with most of his best material

If you liked what you saw, head on over to the LCS Web site where you can vote for him to get through to the final four.


One Response to YouTube Friday – Gerry Dee

  1. Mark Evans says:

    Funny stuff – thanks for the videos!


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