You Tube Friday – Patton Oswalt

If you’ve ever watched King of Queens, and I have(extensively and much to the chagrin of my wife), you may have noticed a small overweight, rather hapless loser skulking around being made fun of, kissing septuagenarians, wrestling other men and generally being a hapless loser.

He looks rather like this:

However, if you have kids, you may have also heard him as Remy, the rat in erm…Ratatouille. You may not know that he is actually a really funny stand-up and, from these clips, an excellent guest on talk shows. As his stand-up is a little NSFW, and as comics appearing on talk shows basically do a couple of bits from their acts, for your Friday amusement, I give you Patton Oswalt:

On The Tonight Show with Jay Leno promoting the rat film.

With Conan O’Brien talking about a 62 year old woman giving birth

On with Jimmy Kimmel promoting the Comedians of Comedy

On Conan again, this time talking about Star Trek.

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