Great Marketing | Awful Marketing

Great Marketing

My local pub had a very simple, very effective piece of marketing a few days ago. I wish I had gotten a picture but it just had a sign outside that said:

“Welcome Miss Canada contestants”.

Very elegant – and what single, free spending, red blooded male wouldn’t jump inside for a quick beer…just in case!

It follows all of the irrefutable laws of great marketing –  compelling, simple, easy and with pirates. Well, almost all…

Awful Marketing

Contrast this with the quite frankly sickeningly awful piece of direct mail I received from an un-named health club:  

I’m not sure where to start. It could be the most duplicitous piece of half truths every put out by a “business”. It advertises a gym membership at just $19 a month – great, sign me up. But then it tells us that the offer only applies to the first 50 new members and that this special offer itself only last for two months…

Shameful – if you’re going to go to the expense of doing some direct mail, PR, advertising or any marketing, you should either go hard or go home. Don’t waste anyone’s time.

Not every organization has to give away cold, hard cash, but your offers should be compelling to all. (Link via Dave Fleet who has some really great stuff on his blog.)

One Response to Great Marketing | Awful Marketing

  1. Dave says:

    Hi Ed,

    Thanks for the kind words. Keep up the good work!

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