Blogging CEOs boost value

John Dodds, from the excellently titled “Make Marketing History”, brings us news from The Times that seven of the ten companies with blogging CEOs have seen their share values rise.

It makes sense – after all, if I were investing, I’d be more likely to invest in a CEO whose blog I read and, by extension, trusted. The same applies for a company I was about to buy something from – human nature means you stick with what you know, and a blog is a way for everyone and anyone to get to know you.

Cult of the CEO

This, naturally, assumes that the cult of the CEO still drives our society or, at least, our investors. If the superstar CEO is still pervasive, and there’s no reason to suggest otherwise, then blogging would be a natural outlet for them. After all, which section of society has a larger ego than bloggers, apart from the CEOs, and which section of society has more to say than CEOs, apart from the bloggers?

…and CEO’s certainly personify their company – Chrysler’s former Chairman Lee Iacocca’s surname stood for I Am Chairman of Chrysler Corporation. Always. Just imagine if he had had a blog…

Blogging Works on the Margins

Now, I’m not saying that you can read this, recommend to your CEO they should start blogging and that their company’s share price will sky rocket or orders will start flooding in.

What I think is that, on the margins, a company that embraces the openness and transparency blogging brings, will enjoy a competitive advantage over a company that doesn’t. Just as a blogging PR would have a competitive advantage over one that doesn’t when competing for a job.

Investment/Research Idea

NB – I didn’t see if the companies mentioned in the study outperformed their respective indexes (indices?) or just experienced growth. I wonder if Bernhard (who wrote the article) could answer that? I guess it’d be a pretty major thing. Essential if you were thinking about starting a Blogging CEOs 100 index.


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  1. Idetrorce says:

    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

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