Hacking a Nike+ipod system

The Nike+iPod idea is awesome. Stick an acceleromter with a basic transmitter onto a runner’s shoe and get it to transmit to a dual purpose MP3 player that records and tracks the data.

Sweet. I’ve wanted one since it came out.

But, I don’t want to change from the Asics Kayanos that my overpronating gait demands, and I don’t have the dough to downgrade from my 20gb iPod and buy a new iPod nano…

So…I know there are many work-arounds to not have to buy the Nike shoes, but is there a way to connect the duberry-whatsit that normally goes into the Nano, into the 20gb and make the software work?


2 Responses to Hacking a Nike+ipod system

  1. Hi Ed,

    Can you tell me how I can contact you through email? Thanks!

  2. Dave says:

    Hello from one English Torontonian to another!

    I’ve enjoyed your blog for a little while now; great to know you’re a runner too! I blog on both – at http://www.davefleet.com/pr and at torontorunner.com.

    I’ve often thought about getting into the whole Nike+ipod thing, but I’ve heard a lot about problems with the sensor when running in sub-zero temperatures (not good for our city!).

    I haven’t heard of any work-arounds for regular ipods.



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